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Doctors Surgeries
A comprehensive list of all local Doctors.
Please contact us if there are any changes to your particular surgery.

Millstream Surgery, Cherry Tree Walk, Redditch. Tel: 591871
Woodrow Medical Centre. Tel: 526824
Dr Ananthram S.
Dr Raut S. I.

Dr Caranci G. A.
The Bridge Surgery, 8 Evesham Road, Redditch. Tel: 550131

Dr Cochrane J. D.
Dr Chandler S.
Dr McGregor C. M.
Church Hill Medical Centre, Tanhouse Lane. Tel: 67715

Dr Cowburn JE
Dr Blackwell DH
The Ridgeway Surgery, 6-8 Feckenham Road, Astwood Bank. Tel: 892418

Dr Ford
Dr Johnstone
Dr Cooper
Dr Williams
Dr Pike
Dr Dior
Elgar House, Church Road, Redditch. Tel: 69261

Dr Gard
Dr Jenkins
Dr Davenport
Dr Dow
Dr Cassidy
The Dow Surgery, William Street, Redditch. Tel: 62285

Dr Hakeem
Dr Ahmad
Church Hill Medical Centre, Tanhouse Lane, Redditch. Tel: 591927

Haqqani MR
39 Kenilworth Close, Crabbs Cross. Tel: 402149

Dr Kirby
Dr Byrnes
Dr Sidford
Dr Greaves
Dr Parkinson
Dr Brown
Dr Amey
St Stephen's Surgery, Adelaide Street, Redditch. Tel: 65444

Dr Shaw
Dr Franklin
Dr Wells
Dr Locke
Dr Keogh
Hillview Centre, 60 Bromsgrove Road, Redditch. Tel: 66511

Dr Tha Z.
Dr Wong P.
Crabbs Cross Surgery, 38 Kenilworth Close, Crabbs Cross. Tel: 544610

Dr Deller & Partners
Winyates Doctors' Surgery, Winyates Health Centre. Tel: 525533